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Home Improvement Loan for a Kitchen Remodel

This article talks about effective use of a home improvement loan in a kitchen remodel. It also talks about the best upgrades to spend home improvement loan money on.

Kitchen Home Improvement Loan

A kitchen remodel is an excellent use of a home improvement loan. A kitchen remodel can add value to your home and offer a great return on investment besides making the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing by giving it some needed updates. Any remodel can be quite costly so getting a home improvement loan to cover the cost is a good idea if you use the money on upgrades that will pay for themselves at resale. To ensure maximum return on your home improvement loan you may want to consult a designer, a contractor or just look at some home design books to get an idea on what you want and the latest trends.

Before you spend any money from your home improvement loan on your kitchen remodel, remember the old real estate adage, "location location location." Make sure your upgrades fit your house, your neighborhood and your budget. There is no sense in taking a home improvement loan now to make upgrades that you will need another home improvement loan when you are ready to sell to fix what you did. If you live in a rather new subdivision take a look at the model house. The kitchen there will have all appropriate upgrades for the neighborhood, giving you a better idea of what to spend your home improvement loan on. Look for design cues and choice of materials. Haphazardly spending your home improvement loan will only result in problems later.

Spending the money from your home improvement loan wisely is very important, just because you can afford granite does not mean you should. The most immediate way to put that home improvement loan cash to use is to update your fixtures. This includes faucets door knobs lights and electrical cover plates. These little things will make a big difference. If your cabinets are not severely dated adding new hardware will bring new life while saving a majority of the home improvement loan money for big purchases.

If your cabinets are severely dated, replacements are in order. Since this is a big purchase, list all your big purchases and prioritize them so that you can use your home improvement loan on the items that will provide the biggest increase in your homes value and looks. Some higher priced items that are a priority are cabinets counter tops flooring and appliances. Cabinets counter tops and flooring are the first thing people notice when walking in a kitchen. Your home improvement loan should pay for these before any other big ticket item. To replace cabinets you have to remove the counter tops so replacing them only makes sense. Since the cabinets are being removed the flooring might as well get done too. That home improvement loan has just covered the trifecta of kitchen remodels. Appliances do not get as much return on investment but if there are any funds from the home improvement loan left, new appliances will add a nice finishing touch.

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